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State Forced To Remove Names From Sex Offender Database

State list of registered sex offenders

Accuracy of the Information Contained in this Web Site Although the individuals listed on the sex offender Internet registry are initially identified through fingerprinting and photograph submission to the Division of State Police, it should be understood that positive identification of any individual whose registration record has been made available on the Internet registry can be verified only through the review of a properly executed fingerprint card. School name, address and telephone number. Homeless registrants must verify their registry information on a more frequent basis. Tier 2 and tier 3 offenders are posted on the state's public sex offender website, http: If I find out my neighbor is a registered sex offender, am I allowed to tell my other neighbors? All out of state offenders will be assigned a tier by the superior court after a motion is made by the AG's office requesting a tier.

State list of registered sex offenders

What is the penalty if an offender fails to comply with the registration requirements? Telephone numbers, including home and cellular phone numbers. Information regarding tier 1 sex offenders is limited to law enforcement agencies. Tier 1 offenders are classified as low-risk, tier 2 offenders are classified as moderate-risk, and tier 3 offenders are classified as high-risk. Box , West Trenton, New Jersey , Phone , or the Prosecutor in the county where the offender resides. For tier 2 and tier 3 offenders, schools and daycare centers are notified when an offender registers as residing, being employed, or studying in the area. Individual registrants are then assessed to determine whether they pose a relatively low, moderate or high risk of re-offense, based on application of elements such as the characteristics of the sex offense or offenses they committed, their offense history and other criteria such as response to treatment and community support. Additionally, for tier 3 offenders, immediate neighbors are notified. Address information is supplied by the municipal police departments and County Prosecutors to the Division of State Police for inclusion in this website. Vehicle information for all vehicles owned or operated, including the year, make, model, color, and license plate number. Under New Jersey law, before community notification takes place, offenders receive a final classification order from the court following the opportunity for a hearing. The registry is not a complete and comprehensive listing of every person who has ever committed any sex offense in New Jersey, nor does it make information about every sex offender living in New Jersey available on the Internet. Copies of any professional licenses. See " Prohibitions on Misuse of Registry Information " below. Can I receive email notification when an offender moves into my neighborhood? Driver's license or state issued identification card. You are cautioned that information provided on this site may not reflect the current residence, status or other information regarding an offender. All email addresses and Internet identifiers. Are registered sex offenders posted on the Internet? Offenders who are on probation may request that their probation officer update their registry information. Obscenity, if the person sells, delivers, or provides any obscene picture, videotape, video game, writing, record, audio cassette tape, compact disc or other representation or embodiment of the obscene to a person under the age of What are "Tier Levels"? Yes, with the exception of tier 1 offenders. Do out-of-state registrants have to register in Delaware, even if they only have a job or go to school in Delaware? What about registered sex offenders who are registered as being "homeless"? Although efforts have been made to ensure the information is as accurate as possible, no guarantee is made or implied.

State list of registered sex offenders

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    How often are the registry and the public website updated? If an offender moves to another state, does the offender have to comply with Delaware's requirements, and the requirements of the state they move to?

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    This sex offender Internet registry includes information pertaining to sex offenders determined to pose a relatively high risk of re-offense tier 3 offenders and, with certain exceptions, information about sex offenders found to pose a moderate risk of re-offense tier 2 offenders. Community notification is made by the police agency having jurisdiction over the offender's place of residency, employment, or study.

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    All registrants must submit to having their mugshot and fingerprints taken each time they verify their information. Promoting prostitution 1st degree, when the person advances or profits from prostitution of a person less than 16 years old.

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