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Sexual networking sites

Although no data are collected from the partners themselves, the egocentric approach signifies an important conceptual advancement beyond traditional, strictly individual-based epidemiological methods of addressing partnership linkages Figure 2 Distinction between network study designs. A Facebook Connect application was used as a verification tool to ensure that each participant had a registered and unique Facebook account. While several studies have demonstrated a positive association between online partner-seeking and greater sexual risk behaviors among MSM [ 31 - 33 ], others have found no relationship between these variables [ 34 , 35 ]. In the interest of parsimony, we will not cover communication via text message e. Finally, geosocial networking apps that cater to heterosexual as well as MSM communities, such as Tinder, are unexplored in the literature to date; examination of these SNS platforms and their association with risk and protective behaviors is warranted. Data published on the same sample indicated that UAI among app-met partners was associated with longer duration of app use, more sexually explicit profile photos, and more past month app-met partners [ 45 ]. Because research on the relationship between online social networking and sexual behaviors is an emerging area of interest for clinicians and researchers, we will include studies in this review with a variety of sexual behavior outcomes; however, our primary interest will be studies that examined a behavioral risk outcome that can be directly tied with STI acquisition or transmission e.

Sexual networking sites

Eligible participants were males who were: However, those who reported UAI with their last app-met partner had a greater number of lifetime and recent sex partners compared to those who did not report UAI with an app-met partner. How to harness the power of SNS for public health and individual health promotion will require new strategies for rapidly evaluating fast-moving technologies systematically and using harmonized outcomes and assessments which will require unparalleled cooperation between funding agencies, communities, researchers, and technology experts. Modern individual-based epidemiological methods evolved to address sexual networks when investigators began to ask subjects about their partners in, for example, studies of serodiscordant couples, to assess both infectiousness and susceptibility, particularly with regard to HIV infection e. For example, participants were more likely to use Facebook to connect with face-to-face friends but more likely to use Grindr to make new friends. Black, Schmiege and Bull [ 10 ] determined associations between sexual risk defined as condomless sex, multiple partners, concurrent partners, sexual pressure, alcohol and drug use during sex and higher perceptions of these behaviors by peers in Facebook networks of year olds. The item online survey took approximately 45 minutes and included a collection of items from previous research on sexual risk behaviors, Internet use, as well as a number of novel items related to use of social networking technologies. Social networking users have a potentially increased risk, as social networking technologies allow users to engage in real-time interaction that can be used to initiate rapid sexual encounters. Any clinician wishing to advertise, approach clients or maintain ongoing online communication via SNS should be aware of the user agreements and privacy polices of the SNS and should remain abreast of updates to those policies and the implications for clients and patients. Researchers found a strong association between display of sexual references on Facebook and self-reported intention to initiate sexual intercourse. Understanding how at-risk populations use social networking technologies is important for crafting and scaling culturally-tailored HIV prevention interventions. On average, participants met over 4 of their most recent sex partners using these technologies. Participants were informed that they could refer friends who were interested and fit the inclusion criteria. This finding may provide support that the social networking sites do not necessarily lead to increased HIV transmission, as people using the technologies for sex-seeking might be able to meet and have sex with more individuals but might engage in oral sex to mitigate these risks [23]. As geosocial networking apps increase in popularity, more research is needed on the usage patterns and content of communication among diverse MSM. Population-based network studies can avoid such bias if both infected and uninfected people serve as index subjects and all sex partners are contacted, regardless of infection status. A study of homeless youth ages recruited from social service agencies in Los Angeles demonstrated that the type of online communication is an important predictor for both STI risk and protective behaviors. On the other hand, participants theoretically may be more likely to report high-risk behavior and more of their contacts especially if they can use nicknames or initials than they might be in a sociometric study, in which they would be required to provide specific locating information for tracing, recruiting, and enrolling their contacts Ascertaining the sexual contacts of all subjects, to compile the actual network, allows for direct examination of the relationship between network structure and distribution of STI. For example, people can use location-based mobile applications such as SexMap DoubleD, and Grindr Nearby Buddy Finder, LLC, to search for potential sexual encounters with others in immediate geographic proximity. These platforms may be accessed via computer or mobile device e. Data published on the same sample indicated that UAI among app-met partners was associated with longer duration of app use, more sexually explicit profile photos, and more past month app-met partners [ 45 ]. Visiting bathhouses to find anonymous sex partners, an established social norm within the gay culture during the s, created networks in which the first AIDS cases were traced and graphed [ 7 , 8 ]. He has masters degrees in health-fitness management and healthcare administration and a doctoral degree from The University of Texas at Austin focused on health care informatics, health administration, health education and health policy. Sullivan, Grey and Rosser [ 58 ] highlight the need for tailored, technology-based HIV-prevention for MSM that has varied functionality and combines both technology-delivered components with in-person components based on the needs of the target population. However, further work is required to improve implementation and promote audience reach and engagement as well as to determine effectiveness of social networking sites in changing knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Participants were recruited online using the following methods: Follow-up of uninfected partners usually is not done and is prohibited by law in some jurisdictions.

Sexual networking sites

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    Conclusion The present study suggests that African American and Latino MSM are using social networking technologies to search for and meet sex partners, and those who use these technologies are more likely to engage in HIV risk behaviors.

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    Almost all participants reported being either gay

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    These findings suggest that gay, bisexual and other MSM who have a history of, or higher propensity for, engaging in sexual risk behaviors may find SNS an efficient way to meet partners with whom they can engage in these activities.

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    However, little research has studied the relationship between online social networking usage and sexual risk behaviors among at-risk populations.

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