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Sex latin american adult females

Sexual comfort, or a general level of comfort and positive emotional orientation toward sexuality Fisher, , appears to foster sexual communication and condom use self-efficacy, which in turn predicts greater condom use B. In some respects, this group is at greater risk than teenage females, because a higher proportion are sexually experienced, they are sexually active for more months in the year and they are less likely to receive health insurance coverage through their parents. Specific Sexual Values Research with Latino adults provides insight into specific sexual values that may be extended to studies of youth, including sexual communication and sexual comfort B. Ethnographic research with youth confirms these findings Marston, Third, research based on data from the mids or earlier may no longer adequately describe the experiences and needs of single women. English and Spanish language use appear to be differentially related to sexual activity depending on whether adolescents are U. Overall, one in six women at risk had not used any method. The protocol consisted of a series of open-ended questions intended to promote discussion about sexual values, including gender roles, sexual communication, and sexual comfort, followed by probes.

Sex latin american adult females

We also assessed whether single women were disproportionately at risk of unintended pregnancy or STDs. Of the few extant measures, most have been used with Latino adults but not youth. The current study seeks to fill this gap in the scientific literature by utilizing a culturally based approach to develop and test sexual values measures for young Latino men and women. Focus groups were audiotaped and transcribed by bilingual research assistants. Demography, , 32 4: For women, considering satisfaction of sexual needs important was associated with more sexual partners only among those who attached little value to female virginity. Although young Latinas acknowledge the existence of cultural norms about the importance of virginity, some report engaging in sexual activity prior to marriage without feeling guilt, shame or dishonor. Hence, it is critical to educate single women about their risk for STDs, to increase their use of barrier methods, and to improve their communication and negotiation skills with new partners. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, , 40 1: The average number of months that single women have been sexually active in the past year also declines significantly with age, from eight months among those in their 20s to six months among those aged 40— Having multiple sexual partners—a risk factor for STDs—was defined as having had two or more partners in the past year. Conceptually Related Measures To assess the construct validity of the sexual values measures developed in the current study, we examined their relations to conceptually related measures: Among adult Latina women, acculturation is positively related to sexual communication with partners, which is positively associated with condom use. How do single women differ from cohabiting or married women regarding sexual behavior and need for information and services? Yet more than a quarter of single women with multiple partners had never used condoms over this period, and more than half had used them inconsistently. Sexual values that may influence sexual behaviors and sexual health outcomes among Latino youths have received scarce attention. How would you feel about showing your sexual excitement when you are having sex? Youths recruited at clinics were screened for eligibility while waiting for appointments. Finally, sexual self-acceptance has been identified as an important sexual value for youth. Comfort with sexual communication was assessed using eight items. Results indicate that these measures conformed to single-factor scales and displayed acceptable reliabilities. Trained interviewers obtained informed consent from participants and a parent if the adolescent was under 18 years of age and not seeking confidential health services. Details of the procedures are described elsewhere. METHODS Study Design and Sample The analyses described in this article are part of a cross-sectional study of relative power and condom use among Latino youths; data were collected between and Items also were included from two extant scales—the 7-item Sexual Comfort Scale B. What proportions are at risk of unintended pregnancy and STDs? Spanish and English translations were reviewed side by side in a group comprised of bilingual research assistants and investigators.

Sex latin american adult females

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    Among new immigrants, Latino adolescents living in English-speaking homes are at lower risk for engaging in sexual activity than are their counterparts in Spanish-speaking homes; among U. Interviewers were matched by gender to participants.

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    How would you feel receiving oral sex having someone go down on you?

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    Results indicate that these measures conformed to single-factor scales and displayed acceptable reliabilities.

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    Therefore, in addition to items focusing on male desire, we included items that asked about female desire. Most of the measures for this analysis were drawn from the face-to-face interviews, and sensitive topics, such as number of partners, thus may be underreported.

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    Proxy Measures for Sexual Values Acculturation Studies of sexual behavior among Latino youth have typically used proxy measures to assess sexual values. Do you think if a girl gets sexually excited, the guy should satisfy her sexual needs?

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