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How Can You Naturally and Quickly Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive ?

Restore my wifes sex

However, if you do say, "no," it's important that you make an alternative suggestion. She or he can help each partner let go of whatever fears or grudges may be keeping sex at bay. Perhaps later in the day might be better for you. Kegels, exercise , and not smoking also help your sexual health. Now comes the fun part:

Restore my wifes sex

Just reassure your spouse that this time things are going to be different and say nothing more. Were you using sexual devices such as a vibrator? Do not get disheartened that your wife is less enthusiastic about having an intimate connection than usual. Hold hands while you have this discussion. When you feel ready to make love, remove the stress by lowering expectations. Desire problems peak around ages 35 to Other factors in your head and body If graying hairs, extra pounds, and dry skin make you see yourself as "old," you're less likely to see yourself as "hot. Unlike the last suggestion where you are advised to look for the small flutters, I am now suggesting that you don't necessarily need to feel turned on at all in order to initiate sex or respond to your partner's advances. Many women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are asking, "Where did our sex go? For many people, owning a feeling is much harder than casting blame. Your marriage won't last that long. Work on your relationship If the dip in your sexual desire is due to negative feelings about your marriage or spouse, it's time to do something constructive about it. Agree that the main event is to give each other pleasure again. But part of the healing that must take place between the two of you involves your active participation in things that will help your partner feel better. If you push yourself a bit, you will see whether the caressing and touching puts you in the mood. But when your periods stop, those revved-up days in your cycle vanish. Don't resign yourself to passionless lovemaking or a relationship void of true intimacy. Exercise offers a number of benefits to your wife when she is trying to increase her sex drive, notes Alice from Columbia University's internet health resource "Go Ask Alice! Flirt with each other during the day or at a dinner out. Stress and anxiety are big contributors to a low sex drive, says sexologist Dr. It forges a bond that mere words cannot. By calling your beloved selfish, cold, or frigid, you will only make things worse. Sometimes giving your partner space, some alone time, may be most helpful. In fact, it's entirely possible that the cat and mouse dynamic in your relationship has dampened your desire, even fooled you into thinking you don't like sex anymore. Instead of focusing on changes to your physical relationship with your wife, concentrate on nurturing your marriage in general.

Restore my wifes sex

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