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The Importance of Sex Education in Schools

Pros and cons of comprehensive sex education

Below I am describing both. We will all agree that we can listen to hours and hours of lecturing about any topic, but finally do exactly what we want. Peters, February , comments as a panel member at the annual conference of the Character Education Partnership, Washington, D. The sketch about sex builds in their minds. The other side—one that should concern us deeply as moral educators—is the debasement of sexuality and the corruption of young people's character. And so, many schools prefer to leave this sensitive issue untouched. Love and Marriage at the Movies:

Pros and cons of comprehensive sex education

Birth Control Schools that don't use the abstinence approach, prefer to go the 'safe sex' way. For information about Teen S. Sex education in schools can play an active role in curbing the incidence of abuse as through this medium children can be made aware of the difference between good and bad touch. The sketch about sex builds in their minds. It dispels myths related to sex and broadens their horizon. Cons Though the pros may seem like very valid reasons to vouch for it, there are certain people who believe that sex is better left to be understood by teenagers themselves if at all, or worse, through unreliable sources. They may take to laugh or make unsuitable comments by becoming out of control in the classrooms. What are the benefits and drawbacks Pros A comprehensive sex education course will give students every opportunity to practice safe sex. If they really want to take education about sex to a whole new level of understanding and importance, then they should have more than the customary classes that they do, and hire people who are trained and well informed to teach the students about it. The emotional and spiritual dimensions of sex are what make it distinctively human. Much of the curricula also deals with maintaining healthy, goal-oriented attitudes regarding both the social and practical aspects of premarital sex. Isn't premarital sexual abstinence a religious or cultural value, as opposed to universal ethical values like love, respect, and honesty? If proper delivered in schools there are less chances of kids indulging in these activities and other unethical activities. However, like all ideologies, sex education in schools too has its own pros and cons. OpinionFront Staff Last Updated: In schools there lot of advantages and disadvantages of being taught sexual education. As you can see, the possibility of a consensus on the debate about whether or not sex education in schools is a acceptable or not is something that will take a while to happen. George Eager's Love, Dating, and Sex is one of the best-written books for teens. Educators should be value-neutral regarding sex. By age 18, more than a quarter of girls and one-sixth of boys suffer sexual abuse. If not taught properly, sex education in school can become a matter of ridicule and students may not take any interest in it. There's little that sex ed can do for them. Without endorsing it into school this education cannot be taught in homes. Condoms do not make sex emotionally safe. This is very harmful for their health and their curriculum and co-curricular activities. Nowadays the teenagers start to have a great interest in this debate from very immature ages.

Pros and cons of comprehensive sex education

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