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Kira kener interracial sex scene

Secondly, there is something for everyone here: All the scenes feature full frame video, but only a few appear to have been shot with much quality. As a female viewer, I would've preferred one or two great orgy scenes interspersed with one-on-one interaction than a DVD full of scenes with three or five or seven people in one room. With so much sex going on, this DVD compilation does, at times, go a bit overboard. My biggest gripe about Hollywood Orgies though is the fact that the scenes are so random. If one or more of these ideas turn you off, take your rental money elsewhere. But in the end, there was just a bit too much going on.

Kira kener interracial sex scene

In other words, at least 3 of the scenes were sub-par considering today's video standards. The nice thing about this compilation is that if you don't like one scene, you can skip to the next and see if that's more to your liking. But don't expect any simple threesomes. Although, even by the last scene, it's not entirely understood where the Hollywood comes from. Kira Kener XCritic's Advice: This probably isn't something I would have enjoyed even in my single days. A scene looking as bad as a home video follows one with poor lighting but precedes one filmed by a director who was obviously concerned with how the finished shot would look. And what could be more of a turn-on than that? Luckily for viewers, everyone involved is having fun. This disc is loaded with sex. As a matter of fact, it gets downright wild. For example, one scene that seems to go on way too long includes a sex-house orgy fest and then five minutes later, you're watching a very poorly produced interracial scene that looks more like an embarrassing home video than a professional production. As far as the audio is concerned, there's nothing digital here, but that doesn't make it bad. Judging by sheer numbers alone, it's pretty obvious there's nothing tame about this compilation. Speaking of the ladies, it seems the entire Vivid entourage is here. Kira Kener is the DVD for you. Despite the package's claim of "tons of extras," the special features are very limited. Of course, most of the scenes highlight the talents of the tiny yet voluptuous Kira Kener. There is so much skin, so many moans, and so many cuts and camera angles, it's not always easy to tell what's going on or just how many people are involved. And lots of it. These scenes would have been right at home in their respective films, but all thrown in together one after another without pause makes it hard to take. Hollywood Orgies is full of just that. Couples might be better off finding an adult film with one or two threesome or group scenes and take it from there. I think I would've liked something a little more subtle. No matter how cheesy adult film story lines are, they do help tie scenes together and allow the viewer to follow the fantasy. While I wouldn't necessarily categorize this DVD as a couples flick, the film does work on many levels.

Kira kener interracial sex scene

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    This disc is loaded with sex. I think I would've liked something a little more subtle.

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