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JonBenet Ramsey (Kitten Programing Gone Wrong)

Jonbenet ramsey sex

How did she die, who killed her, and why? In addition, and still not explained, there were two small, distinct dark spots on her body that some investigators believe to have been caused by a stun gun. She had apparently been sadistically tortured by the perpetrator s , possibly sexually assaulted, and, ultimately, killed. I have tried here in Part 1 of this series of posts to succinctly and accurately gather and summarize some of the publicly known facts to date gleaned from a review of various media and news sources, as well as prior and current speculative theories about this case, to provide readers who may be unfamiliar with it an overview for further exploration and discussion. Pitt, 59, was the father of two children.

Jonbenet ramsey sex

Regarding the second premise, I find it strains credulity that these two parents would react in such a spontaneous, calculating, coordinated and criminal fashion. The first thing we want to do is to put away any assumptions, preconceptions or biases, to approach the case by consciously assuming a phenomenological stance, which means simply to re-examine it without presupposition, presumption or prejudice. Prior to eventually confessing, Smith blamed the murders on a phantom carjacker. See my prior post. Or, could the killer's true intention all along have been simply to permanently silence the child, a motive perhaps symbolized and suggested by the duct tape allegedly found over her mouth by her father, John, whom some speculated may have been sexually abusing his daughter, conjecture both he and JonBenet's pediatrician dismiss unequivocally. So, the communities in Colorado were critical of how she chose to raise JonBenet via the pageants and their glitz and glamour. In the two decades since, myriad books and TV movies have sprung up to chronicle the case — not to mention an endless array of gossipy tabloid speculation about who may have killed her and why. Probably not nine-year-old Burke, though that possibility cannot necessarily be ruled out in my opinion. Filicide—defined as the killing of a child by his or her parent—is a deeply disturbing but very real phenomenon. The JonBenet Ramsey case is stone cold. Could a nine-year-old boy hypothetically commit a vicious evil deed like this? Such a scream from within the Ramsey household and audible from outside would almost certainly have woken and alerted the family. Maybe that explains why so many of the people in the film unburden themselves on camera — almost as if the interview was a kind of therapy. Whether this can be said of Burke is questionable based on the available information. There are numerous other theories and details not noted here, some of which will be explored later. Such children or adolescents "often initiate aggressive behavior and react aggressively to others. In a profile of Pitt by the Phoenix New Times , centered around the Ramsey investigation, the psychiatrist was described as "a street-smart, openly ambitious wiseguy who seems most comfortable helping detectives sort out the psychopathology that has led someone -- known or unknown -- to commit a crime. The other thing was that Patsy was from the South. It means placing what we know, or at least what we think we know, about a defendant or, for instance, this particular high-profile criminal case, temporarily aside, and looking at what actually took place in light of the currently available facts. But, for that matter, so could have another family member. Was the motivation merely to inflict the greatest possible pain and suffering upon the Ramsey family? People cry and reveal their darkest secrets to you, a total stranger. I think he wanted to show off his sex toys. Did the original plan of kidnapping JonBenet, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, for ransom money go awry for some reason, resulting in her murder instead? The seemingly hastily made ligature fastened tightly around her neck was comprised of a woven white piece of cord, looking similar to a sneaker shoelace, attached to a perhaps six-inch fragment of fashioned wood, which, when turned or twisted, tightened the noose with which she was strangled.

Jonbenet ramsey sex

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    And children often have difficulty controlling these emotions, sometimes leading to a destructive acting out of these violent impulses. Everyone we meet in the movie has his or her own theory of what happened, and many of them have personal stories that relate to the Ramsey family tragedy.

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    Was it dusted for fingerprints?

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