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Cream cocktail me male aur female ka faraq detail me very easy in Urdu/Hindi.

How to tell sex of cockatiel

When the male parent is split not all of the female babies will be the mutation color but all babies of the mutation color will be female. Whistling patterns Another way to determine your birds gender is by how much it whistles. For example, a whiteface lutino. Shown below are some adult pairs. The best match, regardless of where you buy the bird is the bird that chooses you.

How to tell sex of cockatiel

The following is some basic guidelines. My biggest argument was: These markings may be difficult to see without using a very bright light. Female birds will have faces that are gray or brownish. The male cockatiel, right, has more distinct colors than the female, left. Many used some creative, but valid ways to determine the sex of the bird. There is one exception with the hens. I would like to thank Osama Siddiqui for bringing this to my attention and for inclusion in this article. Males will also bang on the bars of their cages from time to time, presumably to attract females. Start with the head, and then slowly move your eyes down the whole bird, front and back. I look at the cheeks first. Shame on these people too! A very small percentage of females can sing and talk as well. Males are usually more vocal than females and they are capable of mimicking words and sounds. The female will retain the same coloration throughout life. Or, the vet told you Johnny is egg-bound…WTF! Nope, sorry, no cigar. I had posted the following collage on a cockatiel group, without any info typed on it to identify the parents or the babies. Breeders frequently use visual clues which suggest whether a cockatiel is male or female. If the spots are just on the primary feathers only, then its young male OR an adult hen. Even I had trouble with this my first few tries… You might read or hear someone say: There are some female that do sing. If the cockatiel's repertoire isn't much more advanced that chirps and squawks, your bird's likely a female. Pearls are gray, brownish or yellow, birds with speckled white markings that look like pearls. Louder, more aggressive birds are males. The yellow face is probably your best guide at this point.

How to tell sex of cockatiel

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