GQ Australia May 2014
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The Juliet Show Podcast
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Gabriel Macht in the Philippines
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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have been invited to interview Gabriel Macht. He was in the Philippines for two days to help launch Globe’s Project Wonderful, the telecom’s nation-building initiative to help rebuild sustainable livelihood programs for typhoon Haiyan-affected families and communities. Macht personally flew to Ormoc, Leyte to help build sari-sari stores for communities to get back on their feet.

Gabriel Macht is the star of the popular series Suits. It’s about Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who accidentally applies at a prestigious New York law firm to be an associate for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), the city’s best closer. The thing is, Ross is not a Harvard graduate – a firm requirement – or a graduate at all. However, Ross has an eidetic memory and is knowledgeable about law, so he is hired.

“Suits” stands tall above other legal dramas
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“I gotcha.” “No, I gotcha.” “No, I gotcha.” “No, I gotcha.”

That repeated back-and-forth exchange is pretty much the day-to-day plot of Suits. Plus, Suits definitely is TV’s leader in the category of “most legal papers dramatically and cockily thrown onto desks and tables.” It’s the physical manifestation of, “I gotcha.”

But you know what? Despite the perpetual motion of “I gotcha,” Suits is actually really good.

Emmy Magazine April 2014
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Hola! Philippines April 2013
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Gabriel’s visit to Ormoc from Globe PR Online
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Marie Claire April 2014 Issue
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Silver Sessions #1
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Gabriel On Queen Latifah
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