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Sexual Education

Challenges of sex education

Despite clear reasons for necessity of SHE for adolescents, it is a contested issue and faces challenges in most cultures. In a young society like Iran, the time between puberty and marriage is at least 10 years and despite the religious and traditional ban of extra marital sex, it is being increased. One of the clergies referring to explicitness of religious commandments about sexual issues stated that non-explicit expression of sexuality is a cultural and not a religious problem: There is always the potential for saying something that some parent will find objectionable, notes McGee, Planned Parenthood's vice president for education. On a broader level, sex education advocates believe that continuing to make the case for comprehensive programs is critical. She commented in the absence of explicit expression of sexual issues, some of the teenagers will have an incorrect understanding of sexual discourse.

Challenges of sex education

The more people trust their audiences, the more permeable borders become and the more they disclose their information So there needs to be more sustainability. They also contend that sex education programs condone homosexuality, teach students how to have sex and undermine parental authority. Contrary to our thought, the results were similar in two cities. If asked about AIDS, teachers were to say only that the disease is caused by a virus that is transmitted primarily by contaminated needles and illegal homosexual acts. Qualitative data from female adolescents yr , mothers, teachers, authorities in health and education organizations, health care providers and clergies were collected in two large cities of Iran including Mashhad and Ahvaz through focus group discussions and individual in-depth interviews. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Nobody will teach things without a mean score. If a program comes, then the regional government or the regional authorities need to take responsibility for it, so that it continues. Some states appeared to encourage only limited instruction, however. Kirby D, , op. Learn more Newsletter Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up! Adolescents talk about what's missing in sexual health services. In Ghana, a government official observed: Adolescents expressed the behavior of adults as the main reason of feeling embarrassed to communicate about sex with them. Nevertheless, the perception among teachers is that this pressure not only exists but has also intensified in recent years. The findings of this study can also be useful to design SHE in other Muslim countries with the same socio-cultural contexts. Designing and conducting mixed methods research. Both the health authorities and adolescents believed that this denial will repeat the experiences of AIDS in Iran. Qualitative content analysis is a research method for analyzing content of text data and interpreting meaning from it McDonald reports that adults who challenge SHE believe that the adolescents have not enough cognitive competence to understand the consequences of their performance and therefore, some sexual information that may direct them to immoral behaviors must not be presented to them. We should take those concrete steps that will ensure that we have better health outcomes for young people. In addition, in all countries, opposition from certain quarters, such as religious groups, can stall CSE curriculum development or implementation processes, especially when such groups wield power close to or even within the government, as is the case in these countries: But nowadays, this phenomenon is happening as an undeniable fact in the community. The conflict of values between the trainers and trainees generations causes different attitudes towards sexual behaviors; it makes tension between traditional and modern approaches to sexuality which would affect SHE. The Mississippi legislature established abstinence education as the "standard for any sex-related education taught in the public schools.

Challenges of sex education

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