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Biblical Justification for PRE-MARITAL SEX?

Can christians have safe sex

We all need to experience pleasure, relaxation, calm. Often it's the girls who initiate it because they see it as a way to gain intimacy and connection with guys," Powell adds. There's no sisterhood or brotherhood that comes out of that to give the kids ongoing support. Knowing if something feels good or bad is a baseline thing that we Christians, with some of our sexual moralizing and fear mongering, have failed to teach people. But after we talked, I felt a lot closer to her. A growing concern surrounds definitions of what actually constitutes "sex. Parker is a writer based in Jackson, Mississippi. Specific studies of sexual trends among Christian teens have been limited, but all indications are that, on average, there is little difference between their sexual behavior and that of non-Christian youths, other than a tendency to delay their first sexual experience slightly longer.

Can christians have safe sex

What determines whether you think a passage should be taken literally or prescriptively and which ones do not apply? Hearing their voices, in fact, suggests that their plight might be even more precarious than their non-Christian counterparts: These unique Bible studies use articles from current issues of Christianity Today. That Harris would have a strong following among teens might surprise some, considering his unconventional stance against the concept of dating or any physical intimacy beyond handholding outside of marriage. Her way of interpreting the Bible is not systematic, for example, and she tends to feel her way through the text. They still go to church, but their spiritual lives become fake. And as the Christian teens of this generation work out their sexual salvation in fear and trembling, it is up to Christian adults to come alongside them with encouragement rather than condemnation, honesty rather than hypocrisy, and biblical truth rather than awkward silence. Hungry for truth Many Christian teens who are dealing with issues of sexual purity and God-honoring relationships have actively pursued resources to help them in their struggles. It means abstinence from drugs and other negative behaviors, and respect for yourself as well as the opposite gender. We need mutuality and consent, for starters. Chastity in that case was not about limitation for many—especially early Christian women in religious orders—but about new freedoms to live fully into grace. Click here for reprint information. But one of the most important things for adults to understand is that the objective is not to keep teens from having sex so much as it is to help teens choose abstinence for themselves, as a principle as well as a practice. Does that mean we all need the exact same type of pleasure? Sometimes we feel shame because of our own sin; sometimes those feelings are undeserved. You don't want to limit yourself. If a story, passage, or letter reflects what we know about God as revealed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, who called us to love neighbor and enemy, and to know abundant life, then we should take it prescriptively. To experience the rush of endorphins in response to the same stimuli? This is not to say that faith does not factor significantly in teens' sexual decision-making. Today's adolescents must navigate this cultural morass just at a time when hormonal surges and emerging feelings are making life confusing enough. A Christian Reader original article. I want to wait until marriage, but I worry about how this makes me look. Why True Love Waits: I know now that was a mistake, and I feel totally ashamed. Onan has sex with Tamar, but denies her the means to protect or sustain herself. But what happens when faith gets thrown into the mix?

Can christians have safe sex

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